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Patient Testimonials

I want everyone to know how amazing Dr Kennard and his team are!

I had gallbladder stones. I had surgery with Dr Kennard and anesthesiologist Dr. Sheweers (I am sure I am misspelling his name) and it was the best surgery I ever had. I mean it. I had 4 surgeries in the last 4 years, for other things, and although they all went well, I was in pain after the surgery, in need of pain killers, and I was so nauseated and vomiting that it was not fun at all. Well, for my total surprise, when I woke up in the recovery room, I was feeling as if I had not had any surgeries at all! I felt great ! No pain and no nausea! I felt awesome! I went home on the same day, and I only took one pain killer before I went to bed because I am a coward and didnít want to wake up in the middle of the night in pain.

Well, I had no pain, never took another pain killer! And all my symptoms and pain are gone! I feel 20 years younger! Even my energy is back.

From now on, Dr. Kennard is my surgeon and Dr. Sheweers is my anesthesiologistÖ If I need some surgery and it is not Dr Kennard expertise, I donít care, I still want him to do it!

I recommend Dr. Kennard and Dr. Schweer to anyone!!!!

Cris C.
Plano, TX

I had a near emergency situation but was somewhat skeptical that I needed surgery since I never ever had any previous surgery. Dr Kennard was very flexible in providing me a reasonable amount of time to be sure by being gracious to allow a second opinion. I also had a second condition that required surgery from an OBGYN specialist.

Dr. Kennard went above and beyond his rights as a surgeon to allow a second physician to operate on a cooperative basis in the same surgery room. Post operatively Dr. Kennard reflected credit upon himself as well as the general medical profession by being available when needed on the phone within what I would say is a very short period of time. Dr. Kennard is an exceptionally fine physician and surgeon and I highly recommend him.

Deborah K.
Plano, TX

Dr. Kennard is not only a skillful surgeon, but also a caring, medical professional.

He is compassionate, a good listener and a good communicator. He answered my questions directly and factually. His answers and his calm and caring manner helped me face my thyroid cancer surgery with less fear.

He and his staff provided a positive, caring environment to ensure my successful recuperation.

I highly recommend Dr. Kennard and am confident you will be pleased with both him and his staff.

Sherry Terry

"If you want to find the best doctor, ask a nurse.

I did, and found Dr. Kennard. He performed my first surgery for adhesions in 1998, and the latest in 2008. He explores every option and calls in the top of the line in other fields before resorting to surgery. I value his bedside manner as well as his expertise. He is serious about what he does, but has a lighter side that is very refreshing. I appreciate him and wouldn't be here to let him know if he hadn't saved my life more than once.

Thank you, Dr. Kennard."

Terry J. Mooney

Dear Dr. Kennard,

"Thank you so much for the excellent treatment at your office!

Working with you and your office staff, from start to finish, has been nothing but positive. From the start I was cared for professionally, courteously, and kindly by you and your staff. You treated my condition and treatment with thoroughness and care, and this put my mind at ease. Your staff took care of all of my questions and my insurance claim capably and was so gracious and pleasant to deal with.

And the result of the vein surgery – in both my legs – is great. Thank you for everything!"

Anne C.

"My condition was considered critical when Dr. Warrett Kennard took charge of my care and treatment. Following an ordeal of seven months of hospitalization, numerous surgeries and procedures to not only restore my health, but also to keep me alive, Dr. Kennard guided my health towards recovery. Upon dismissal, I was able to return to work one month after my release and continued in a healthy state and well-being since that time.

Usually when a surgeon performs surgery, he will have the patient follow-up with one of two postoperative visits. I, on the other hand, see Dr. Kennard every six months at his request. We always greet each other with a benignant smile. My trust in Dr. Kennard is explicit. He has shown me a very profic mind and a deep caring personality for his patients, as has been my experience.

I would highly recommend Dr. Warrett Kennard for anyone who is looking for a surgeon who is caring and dedicated to the total welfare and well-being of his patients."

Jerry Greer

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